Researchers are invited to join and participate in SIGBio activities. SIGBio membership is open to both ACM members and non-members.

Membership Benefits

  • Subscription to SIGBio newsletter, published three times per year (online)
  • Reduced registration at conferences and workshops sponsored by SIGBio
  • Reduced registration at conferences in cooperation with SIGBio
  • Access to the following content in the ACM Digital Library:
    • Proceedings of conferences sponsored by SIGBio
    • SIGBio Newsletter
    • Proceedings of conferences and workshops in cooperation with SIGBio
  • SIGBio-MEMBERS email list

Community Benefits

  • Sponsorship of ACM-BCB conference and other ACM Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biomedicine-related conferences and workshops
  • SIGBio Best Paper and Best Student Paper awards at the ACM-BCB conference
  • Bioinformatics-ANNOUNCEMENTS email list for accessibility related information and events
  • SIGBio Scholarship in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biomedicine supporting practitioners, researchers, members of advocacy groups, and individuals with disabilities who are interested in the field of Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biomedicine, to actively participate in the ACM-BCB conference and gain experience and knowledge from interacting with experts in the field
  • SIGBio website

Join SIGBio as a Member

Click on the SIGBio link at the ACM SIG Membership Page

You can directly print and mail in the SIGBio Membership Form

SIGBio membership rates are as follows:

  • Professional: $25.00
  • Students: $15.00
  • Affiliate: $25.00
  • Subscribers: $35.00

Professional and Student memberships refer to those who are already ACM Professional or Student members, adding a SIGBio membership. Affiliate refers to any non-ACM member who wishes to join SIGBio, only. A subscriber is someone who subscribes to the SIGBio newsletter.