SIGBio Awards


  • Best Paper Award: Unconstrained Gene Tree Diameters for Deep Coalescence, Paweł Górecki, Jarosław Paszek, and Oliver Eulenstein
  • Best Student Paper Award: CNVnet: Combining Sparse Learning and Biological Networks to Capture Joint Effect of Copy Number Variants, Zhiyong Wang, Jinbo Xu and Xinghua Shi
  • Best Poster Award: Identification of Protein Coding Regions in RNA Transcripts, Shiyuyun Tang, Alexandre Lomsadze and Mark Borodovsky


  • Best Paper Award: Improving discrimination of essential genes by modeling local nsertion frequencies in transposon mutagenesis data, Michael Dejesus and Thomas Ioerger
  • Best Student Paper Award: MRFy: Remote Homology Detection for Beta-Structural Proteins Using Markov Random Fields and Stochastic Search, Noah Daniels, Andrew Gallant, Norman Ramsey and Lenore Cowen
  • Best Poster Award: Modularity and Community Detection in Semantic Similarity Networks through Spectral Based Transformation and Markov Clustering, Pietro Hiram Guzzi, Pieangelo Veltri, and Mario Cannataro